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Moving to and from Edgewater, NJ



Hudson Mover is here to help you move into any condominium in Edgewater.

Admirals Walk, Hudson Harbour, Grand Cove, Crown Village, One Hudson Park, Aventine, Independence Harbor, The Promenade, City Place, are all condominiums that require a moving company with insurance. Hudson Mover has highly rated insurance and knows how to handle the paperwork required to schedule your move with the management company. 

Luxury Apartments


Edgewater, NJ has only a few luxury apartment buildings. These include The Infinity, The St. Moritz, The Alexander, The River Club, and The Windsor. Once again they require professional movers with top-notch insurance carriers. Don't just hire any moving company, we are a professional, boutique, moving company where customer service is our foundation. 

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